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Why People Listen to Indie Pop Music?


We all love music. Some of them like it metallic while some of them like pop, few of them will be interested in listening to melodies. However, the basic line of them all is to love music and get lost in its deep meaning lyrics. One of such classification is none other than the indie-pop. Over the years, this classification of music has been a great hit than any other music. With that said, we will see some of the significant factors that made indie-pop music greater than any other music. Without creating any further ado, let us dive into the post.

Why is indie-pop popular?

This indie-pop is more than punk rock and has attracted a lot of listeners on to space. This idea was made to attract a lot of people. This genre is a mix of bands, and different kind of music blended that saw a height in its popularity. It was in a shorter span; the idea started incorporating into a lot of people. Even though this genre was made to attract a lot of singers and listeners, however, this idea soon became a mainstream notion and was welcomed to the society. The indie-pop music emerged, and it had a lot of subdivisions as well. Some of them are;

  1. Chamber pop – it is a blend of orchestral tracks in the indie pop.
  2. Twee-pop- which is a mix of simplistic and harmonized pop melodies.

However, indie-pop as a complete genre stayed on to the list ever since its inception. This is also a result why you see a lot of modern folk music with a tint of uncut feel.


Modern-day indie pop

As the years went, the indie-pop saw an increase in its popularity and became even more mainstream. Gradually, the indie music was played in the radio stations as well. Some of the famous indie musicians include; The Smiths, The xx, Feist, Girls, St. Vincent, The Radio Dept., and the Dirty Projectors to name a few. Apart from these, at present, various music apps publish this indie-pop music for its lovers. Some different other social media pages and spaces promote indie music for its fans and lovers. With its popularity, the indie-pop saw transformation over the years paving the way for more songs and genres. With its popularity, many mainstream artists also came into being and embraced the songs and the pop music genre. Also, those who don’t know; the indie-pop music culture has inspired a lot of other musicians and influenced a lot of people across the world.


Indie music, from its inception, onwards has attracted a lot of people and has influenced a lot of people and various other artists across the world. Due to this, the music genre started seeing a growth in between the people of all likes and dislikes making way for the mainstream.