Kick-Ass Indie Jams (2016)

Whether it’s an old(er) release or new, these are my personal Top Fab(ulous) 5 Indie Jams I’ve had on repeat and been jamming to all week. This is Fab 5 Friday! Melodic rock/pop, with a fresh electronic Reggae/Ska twist!.. Check in with Kaleido on: Twitter: @KaleidoBand Instagram: @KaleidoBand Facebook: /KaleidoBand Website: iTunes: Kaleido’s single […]

While another year is about to end, I can’t help myself but take a little trip down memory lane, ’cause 2016 has simply been amazing! Not only was it the best personal year for my blog in visitor statistics, but it’s also been the best year for the independent music scene in my personal and […]

What started out as one of the most underrated artists earlier this year, grew into this flourishing songstress who’s one to watch for in 2017! ‘Cause her natural seductive vocals, and intoxicating fusion of R&B, soul, and alt pop, is as gorgeous and unique as one single snowflake!.. Check in with Nuuxs on: Twitter: @Nuuxs […]

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