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Discover the 10 benefits of multi-touch technology

Discover the 10 benefits of multi-touch technology

Multi-touch technology allows users to interact with any device in a variety of ways. Allowing a device to recognize and process multiple touches simultaneously, multi-touch technology provides a more intuitive user experience. In this sense, experts, through overlay frames (produced internally), is able to convert any LG, Samsung, Philips display, among others, into a display with Multi-touch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technology.

Examples of multi-touch technology include smartphones, tablets, interactive tables, multimedia kiosks and digital billboards, which facilitate and improve the user experience. Multi-touch technology also allows multiple pressure points to be interpreted at the same time, including gestures.

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Benefits of multi-touch technology

When used in touch screens, multi-touch technology opens the door to a new world of possibilities and applications, offering numerous benefits, such as the following:

1 – Zoom in and out

Enlarging a text, an image or even a video has never been simpler than with multi touch screen technology.

2 – Recognition of numerous touches and movements instantaneously

Multi-touch technology was designed to identify multiple points of contact.

3 – Users do not need a keyboard or mouse

The use of a multi-touch display allows the absence of a computer mouse and keyboard. Without them, transport of the device is also facilitated.

4 – Ease of use

Several companies use multi-touch technology due to its ease of use, reducing waiting time in customer queues.

5 – Speed

Users do not need to spend a lot of time with a device, as multi-touch technology is distinguished by speed.

6 – Reduction of time and costs

Thanks to technological advances, multi-touch allows a reduction in costs and time, since they are practical to use.

7 – Improvement of remote functionality

Multi-touch enhances remote functionality and access via smartphones and tablets.

8 – Easily upgradeable

A device with multi-touch technology can be updated quickly, without any complications.

9 – Accessibility

Multi-touch technology turns out to be more comfortable for the user, ensuring accessibility and interactivity for everyone.

10 – Durability

Multi-touch displays are stronger and more durable.

The importance of multi-touch technology in automation

Most people use to be acquainted with the over-all principle of touchscreen technology: the interface use to work at the time the touch point happens to be determined. It happens to be the information that regulates which buttons or icons the operator use to be pressing. However, there are several different types of touchscreen technology, including multi-touch.

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Adapted and prepared for new technologies, multi-touch is fundamental in automation, taking into account the following characteristics and benefits:

Low implementation costs

Multi-touch technology offers great advantages without the need for significant investment or drastic change.

Cost reduction

Companies are able to reduce costs, taking into account the ease of use of any equipment with multi-touch technology.

Automated problem diagnosis

Multi-touch technology can solve problems as it offers an overview of the system, while consuming less storage space at the same time.

Multi-touch technology in multimedia kiosks

The multi-touch technology, which is very present in multimedia kiosks aims to improve the user experience, in addition to increasing sales and customer satisfaction in any establishment.