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How to choose the perfect stroller

How to choose the perfect stroller

The stroller happens to be amongst the basic things you have at the time you have to assemble the baby’s assets. With so many options best playpen, what should you take into account to choose the perfect stroller? With so many options and models, choosing the baby stroller can become an ordeal. As it is one of the things that the child will use intensively until the age of 3 or more, when he can walk longer distances, it is important to find out the model that use to be comfortable and practical, depending on your lifestyle.

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Before selectig it, you must answer these questions as a guide:

  • Are you in the elevator at your house?
  • Does this fit in the car trunk?
  • What are the streets of the neighborhood like? Is there space to circulate comfortably? 
  • What is the transport that you will use the most to move with my baby? (bus, subway, car …)

How will and how much you use the stroller? 

Because an “all terrain” stroller for extended walks everywhere the city happens not to be the similar as one to get us out of distress for short distances.

If the plan use to be move with the baby by public transport or on foot, it happens to be the best to have a resilient option, light and at the same time that is not too big, that goes through the doors, that can be easily maneuvered and is easy to open and close thinking that you will have a busy hand lifting the baby.

If, instead, the idea is to use it for short distances, you can choose a more basic option that will get us out of trouble. Or, if you usually move a lot by car, choose an option with an egg included.

The important thing is to be able to choose a stroller that adapts to your lifestyle without hindering it, always taking into account that it meets all the safety conditions and that it is suitable for the baby’s age.

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Types of strollers

Cradle car: Envisioned for new born babies, it happens to be typically one of the heaviest and largest models, because of its aptitude to develop a type of cradle when sprawled at 180º and the comfort it provides with extra padding so that the baby goes well comfortable.

Based on the model, they use to have folding handlebars, thus the baby use to be facing forward or towards the person who is pushing the stroller.

Ultralight strollers: The main characteristics of these models are their low weight -which does not usually exceed 6 kilos-, the ease of opening and closing them and their compact folding. Within this group those recognised as umbrellas can enter.

There are models with several reclining positions (suitable for newborns) and a front tray or bar; and other simpler ones, in one position or that do not recline much, with not a front bar and that use to be typically for babies over 6 months, who can be seated already.