Mesh – Born To Lie
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I’m an 80s and 90s child (yes, I’m THAT old). And back in those days you had awesome electro-pop/synth-pop bands like OMD, Depeche Mode and Ultravox.

In my personal and humble opinion, electro-pop is picking up again these days and Mesh is a perfect example. ‘Born To Lie‘ brought me back, thinking about the ‘good old days’, but it’s fresh and contemporary at the same time. Just turn it up, LOUD!

Check in with Mesh on:
Twitter: @MeshWeCollide
Facebook: /MeshTheBand
iTunes: Mesh’s single ‘Born To Lie’

Vickie Natale – All Night Long
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Picture this: It’s a hot summer night, you got some friends over, the BBQ is running and you got a cold drink in your hand. Sunset is kicking in and all of the sudden you get into the groove with this slow jam…

Vickie Natale couldn’t have dropped her brand spanking new single at a better time, it’s just perfect! I just love this retro 70s sound, this slow jam feel! This will indeed get you going ‘All Night Long‘…

Check in with Vickie Natale on:
Twitter: @VickieNatale
Facebook: /VickieNataleMusic
iTunes: Vickie Natale’s single ‘All Night Long’

The Como Brothers – Straight Face
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Como BrothersLadies & People, I can’t think of a better way to kick-start your weekend, or my 2 week vacation for that matter. The Como Brothers just dropped their new single and lets face it, it’s just a happy song! It’s hard not to smile!

Coming off their full length album, which is scheduled to drop later this year, this is one of those albums I’m really looking forward to check!

Straight Face‘ is just the perfect example why my expectations are high. And yes, I can say that with a straight face, just saying… 🙂

Check in with The Como Brothers:
Twitter: @ComoBrosBand
Facebook: /ComoBrothersBand

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