Sunday Smooth Groove: Snoh Aalegra
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Snoh AalegraAlready intrigued by the melancholic strings, my heart skipped a beat or two when this Swedish sister’s smokey blues, Amy Winehouse-ish vocals kicked in this vintage deep soul groove…

Check in with Snoh Aalegra on:
Twitter: @SnohOfficial
Instagram: @SnohOfficial
Facebook: /SnohOfficial
iTunes: Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Don’t Explain’ EP

Fab 5 Friday – The Groove Edition
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Whether it’s an old(er) release or new, these are my personal Top Fab(ulous) 5 Indie Jams I’ve had on repeat and been jamming to all week. This is Fab 5 Friday!

Lucinda SlimThe extremely sexy horns and Ms Slim’s soaring vocals on this high rolling Motown-ish soul groove will definitely make you bust a move!..

Check in with Lucinda Slim on:
Twitter: @LucindaSlim
Instagram: @Lucinda_Slim
Facebook: /LucindaSlim
Bandcamp: Lucinda Slim’s self-titled album
Soundcloud: Lucinda Slim’s single ‘Wrath Of The Law Men’ (Free Download!)

D/troitStrong, emotional powerhouse, delivered with sincerity, heart, and bags of soul. Classic soul/funk sound with modern flavours! Good God-ah!..

Check in with D/troit on:
Instagram: @Dtroit_CPH
Facebook: /DtroitCPH
Bandcamp: D/troit’s album ‘Do The Right Thing’

Oweleo LysetteOMFG! Smooth soulful set of pipes on top of this old school breakbeat, this sister got me Trippin’ alright!

Check in with Oweleo Lysette on:
Twitter: @LysetteTiti
Instagram: @Oweleo
Facebook: /LysetteTiti

GoldswaggerRemember his smooth groove? With this Atlantic Starr-ish vibe, he shows his funk swagger is also pure gold! Lets go and boogie down…

Check in with Goldswagger on:
Twitter: @Goldswagger_
Instagram: @Goldswagger_
Facebook: /GoldswaggerMusic
iTunes: Goldswagger & Sophia Ramos’ single ‘Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot’

Marta Ren & The GroovelvetsWith these blazing horns, guitar licks, groovy basslines & phenomenal vocals, you know soul music is alive & kickin’! Just dip into this deep funk trip!..

Check in with Marta Ren & The Groovelvets on:
Twitter: @MartaGrooveRen
Instagram: @MartaRen_Groovelvets
Facebook: /MartaRenTheGroovelvets
Bandcamp: Marta Ren & The Groovelvets’s album ‘Stop Look Listen’

Turn It Up Tuesday #007
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I’m getting more & more submissions on a daily basis, and don’t get me wrong, it’s FANTASTIC! (You indie artists better keep sending me your stuffs!) But I’m having a hard time to do things the way I’ve always done, one artist at the time, and it’s time to evolve.

So, let me turn up your speakers or head-cans with these multiple kick-ass indie jams I got sent to me or discovered personally, on a weekly basis in Turn It Up Tuesday!

Anthony GomesI could tell you how fresh and energized this is, how he’s devouring those riffs and licks! But truth is, brother already had me with those cowbells 😉 So you better Turn It Up, for Anthony Gomes’ smokin’ Blues-Rock!…

Check in with Anthony Gomes on:
Twitter: @AnthonyGomes
Instagram: @AnthonyGomesMusic
Facebook: /GomesMusic
iTunes: Anthony Gomes’ album ‘Electric Field Holler’

Kazi JoAngelic yet haunting, electrifying yet soulful! Kazi Jo’s sophisticated set of pipes is refreshing to say the least… Super-catchy!

Check in with Kazi Jo on:
Twitter: @OfficialKaziJo
Instagram: @OfficialKaziJo
Facebook: /OfficialKaziJo
iTunes: Kazi Jo’s ‘Strong Suit’ EP

The Jesse TreeIt’s this natural energetic Pop-Americana-Rock, that’s giving The Jesse Tree’s intense lyrics a Bob Dylan-ish touch!

Check in with The Jesse Tree on:
Twitter: @TheJesseTreeUK
Instagram: @TheJesseTreeUK
Facebook: /TheJesseTreeUK
Soundcloud: The Jesse Tree’s single ‘Home’ (Free Download!)

Vienna DittoTricked out trip-hop? Pop-Noir? Cosmic Blues? No matter how you call it, Vienna Ditto sure knows how to deliver exotic catchy ‘Ticks‘!..

Check in with Vienna Ditto on:
Twitter: @ViennaDitto
Instagram: @ViennaDitto
Facebook: /ViennaDitto
Bandcamp: Pre-order Vienna Ditto’s ‘Ticks’ EP

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