Sunday Smooth Groove: Andre Mieux
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I gotta say, this week’s Sunday Smooth Groove is so smooth, so soothing, pop this joint on and a love-filled Sunday is almost guaranteed!

Bedroom Lovers‘ is coming off Andre’s debut album ‘All I Really Want‘, which he dropped last year and is packed with jams like this.

I just can’t help myself by comparing him to Donell Jones or Maxwell. No scratch that, he IS the new Donell Jones and Maxwell!

Check in with Andre Mieux on:
Twitter: @whois_AMX
Facebook: /whoisAMX
iTunes: Andre Mieux’s single ‘Bedroom Lovers’

Antonique Smith – Hold Up Wait A Minute
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Hold up, wait a minute! Now why the hell haven’t I heard of Antonique Smith before? Sister got a killer set of pipes, which will blow you away! Those powerful vocals, together with that beat and funky horns… I dunno about you, but think I’m in love…

Hold Up Wait A Minute (Woo Woo)‘ is the first single coming of her soon to drop album and damn, does Antonique know how to tease! It’s definitely one to watch for in 2014 in my personal & humble opinion and the year has only just begun. Woo Woo, that’s for sure!

Check in with Antonique Smith on:
Twitter: @AntoniqueSmith
Facebook: /AntoniqueSmithFB
iTunes: Antonique Smith’s single ‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’

Bad Rabbits – Can’t Fool Me
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Is it R&B? Is it New Jack Swing-ish? I don’t know how I should label Bad Rabbits, but what I do know is that’s down right funky!

Sure, it got that ‘throwback to the late 80s/early 90s’ feel to it, but with a fresh approach to it! They sure know how to jam!

They call themselves Bad Rabbits, I would say it’s Bugs Bunny’s musical and better cousin! So, what’s up doc, why haven’t you pressed that play button yet?

Check in with Bad Rabbits on:
Twitter: @BadRabbits
Facebook: /BadRabbits
iTunes: Bad Rabbits’ single ‘Can’t Fool Me’

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