The Hush – Hold You Down
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The Hush Band got the perfect way to get your rock on! Fronted by femme fatale vocalist Jazmine Giovanni, The Hush released their debut music video of their single ‘Hold You Down‘. It sure got me craving for more!

Check in with The Hush Band on:
Twitter: @TheHushBand
Facebook: /TheHushBand

Vickie Natale – I Know
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Iο»Ώ just discovered Vickie Natale and she just dropped her new single’I Know‘. Gotta say, I really dig her sound! It’s different, it’s fresh and it got a very high radio potential if you ask me. Watch this space for an upcoming interview with Vickie.

Check in with Vickie Natale on:
Twitter: @VickieNatale

Hollie LA – Skyfall
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It’s a known fact that I don’t like covers, at all. It’s usually a poor attempt and doesn’t do any justice to the original. But this time, I’ll admit, I’m wrong! Hollie LA’s version of ‘Skyfall‘ is simply beautiful.

Check in with Hollie LA on:
Twitter: @HollieLAmusic
Facebook: /HollieLA

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