LB One – Insane
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It’s no secret I’m a fan of this brother’s work. His deep house mixes, the stuffs he produces and puts out, there is a reason why I’ve been keeping an eyeball on him for all these years.

When I did a ‘Wednesday Q&A‘ with him back in April, he already told us he was working on something new. Even though it’s not the new album yet, this hot summer deep house banger with that kick your furry little behind bassline and schweet vocals, will definitely make you break out those glow sticks and keep you in the dancing mood till it drops!

Check in with LB One on:
Twitter: @DJLBone
Facebook: /DJLBone
iTunes: LB One’s single ‘Insane’
Soundcloud: LB One’s Deep House Mixes

Sam & The Womp – Bom Bom
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While they are promoting their latest jam ‘Zeppelin‘, I wanted to flip the script a little by giving you their infectious debut single that even got my furry little behind movin’ and groovin’!

This Brass ‘N Bass, or Ska Dance if you will, together with the Bjork-ish vocals of Bloom, is the perfect jam that will get stuck between your earholes for weeks!

And since the band is partly Dutch, Ladies & People, I’m proud to be loud with: Sam & The Womp!..

Check in with Sam & The Womp on:
Twitter: @SamAndTheWomp
Facebook: /SamAndTheWomp
iTunes: Sam & The Womp’s single ‘Bom Bom’

Gina Lee – Friday
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If you’re just like me, reminiscing the Golden Era of HipHop days and missing that smooth 90s R&B vibe, I know you gonna dig this!

By paying tribute to the 25th anniversary of the movie House Party, this sister drops this insanely smooth, fresh and infectious jam to get your party weekend started!

Do yourself this ‘Friday‘ a favour, pump up the volume and peep Ms Gina Lee’s flavour!..

Check in with Gina Lee on:
Twitter: @GinaLeeMusic
Instagram: @GinaLeeMusic
Facebook: /GinaLeeMusic
iTunes: Gina Lee’s EP ‘New York Sessions’

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