Gina Lee – Friday
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If you’re just like me, reminiscing the Golden Era of HipHop days and missing that smooth 90s R&B vibe, I know you gonna dig this!

By paying tribute to the 25th anniversary of the movie House Party, this sister drops this insanely smooth, fresh and infectious jam to get your party weekend started!

Do yourself this ‘Friday‘ a favour, pump up the volume and peep Ms Gina Lee’s flavour!..

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iTunes: Gina Lee’s EP ‘New York Sessions’

We Came As Strangers – Still Life
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Trippy addictive basslines and strong yet sultry vocals… When I was introduced to We Came As Strangers and I heard ‘Still Life‘ for the first time, I knew this was already a triphop classic in the making!

The first thing that came to mind, was ‘Teardrop‘ of Massive Attack and know what? Even though it’s one of my favourite tracks of them, and played it a lot on the radio back then, ‘Still Life‘ is even better in my personal and humble opinion!

If you dig Massive Attack or Portishead, keep a close eyeball on these new players on the triphop block, ’cause they are on the verge of dropping their latest album by the end of the month. And with this as a teaser, you know it’s gonna be trippy good!

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iTunes: We Came As Strangers’ single ‘Still Life’

EofE – Wake Up
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Soaring vocals and screaming riffs, these brothers know how to jam! And with this thunderous track, including an epic sing-along chorus, they are even picking up the pace!

With an album announcement coming up and quickly gathering a loyal following, think it’s time for you to ‘Wake Up‘ and rock with one of my favourite punk-pop-rock bands at the moment, EofE!

Check in with EofE on:
Twitter: @EofEofficial
Facebook: /EofEofficial
iTunes: EofE’s single ‘Wake Up’

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