Rosabella Gregory – Hello Christmas
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Christmas Eve and I can’t think of any other way to get you in the right spirit than Rosabella Gregory’s ‘Hello Christmas‘. Just close your eyes, listen and have yourself a Merry Christmas…

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Twitter: @RosabellaG
Facebook: /RosabellaGregory
iTunes: Rosabella Gregory’s single ‘Hello Christmas’

Kiirstin Marilyn – For Peace
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Now here’s a sister blessed with an unique voice, a different sound and I like it! While her next single is about to drop, I wanted to share Kiirstin Marilyn’s (and no, that’s no typo!) current one, ‘For Peace‘. You decide if I’m right or not…

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Twitter: @KiirstinMarilyn
Facebook: /KiirstinMarilyn
iTunes: Kiirstin Marilyn’s EP ‘Something To Die For’

Acorn Morocco & DJ KB – AoK
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Right after I posted M-Tri & DJ Leecy T’s ‘The Grease, Deep of 2 Hungry Bros send me his dope production on Acorn Morocco’s ‘AoK‘. All I can say, my faith in HipHop is restored! Word!

Check in with Acorn Morocco on:
Twitter: @AcornMorocco
Facebook: /AcornMorocco
iTunes: Acorn Morocco’s single ‘AoK’

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