Rachel Lorin – Love Bites
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Now you know I don’t/won’t feature cover tracks, because in my personal and humble opinion, they usually don’t do the original any good!

But once in awhile I come across one, I just have to share! And this time it’s all thanks to my radio brother Jagger of New York’s KTU/Z100 and host of the Weekend Throwdown for introducing me to this sister!

Not only does she covers one of my Def Leppard favourites, she just nails it with her hot rocking and flame throwing set of pipes! Angelic, yet raw when it needs to be! Pure perfection!

Can’t wait to hear more of Rachel Lorin, ’cause this sister gave me a bite I just love!..

Check in with Rachel Lorin on:
Twitter: @RachelLFilsoof
Instagram: @RachelLorinOfficial
Facebook: /RachelLorinMusic
Soundcloud: Rachel Lorin’s cover ‘Love Bites’

Secret Rendezvous – First Loves & Last Goodbyes
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Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to have people like Jessica of It’s All Happening to open my eyes ears, otherwise I would’ve missed out on this schweet electro soul jam!

I should stand in a corner, wearing nothing but a donkey hat (since I don’t have one of their cool beanies) and listen to their music nonstop as ‘punishment’, especially since Secret Rendezvous are from my own stomping grounds and have been around for years!..

They’re extremely groovy, bringing us this rich and un-Dutch refreshing sound with powerful yet soothing vocals floating on top of it. This might be my first,
but screw the goodbyes, I love ‘m!

Now excuse me, while I go stand in my corner and take my ‘punishment’…

Check in with Secret Rendezvous on:
Twitter: @SecretRendezV
Facebook: /SecretRendezvousMusic
Website: secretrendezvous.org
iTunes: Secret Rendezvous’ single ‘First Loves & Last Goodbyes’
Bandcamp: Secret Rendezvous’ limited edition beanie & remix pack

Myles Sanko – So Hard To Stop
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If you’re a regular, you know I gotta have my soul fix and this brother is my pusher today, bringing me to an absolute musical high!

This truly is soul with a funky fresh twist that will get you movin’ and groovin’ in no time! A soul stain, you can’t vanish!

‘Cause sweet soul music, that’s the best… Myles Sanko’s soul, is with a capital S!

Check in with Myles Sanko on:
Twitter: @MylesSanko
Facebook: /MylesSankoFanPage
Website: mylessanko.com
iTunes: Myles Sanko’s single ‘So Hard To Stop’

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