The Whereabouts – Don’t Bring Me Down
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Whoa! First thing that came to mind when I first heard and saw ‘Don’t Bring Me Down‘, these guys are the modern day Beatles!

It’s Rhythm & Blues, it’s Rock & Roll, it’s music that will get everybody, and I mean even your parents, up & twisting!

Let me put it like this, if Hollywood ever decide to do another Austin Powers movie, this should be the title track…
Yeah Baby Yeah!

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Ivy Levan – Hang Forever
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Ladies & People, The Dame is back! It’s been awhile since my last ‘Hot Damn‘ feature, but it has certainly been worth the wait!

Dropping her latest single of her ‘Introducing The Dame‘ EP, the self-coined ‘Swamp-Hop’ of Ivy Levan will get anyone’s furry little tush moving!

And the music video? It’s just her! She got an awesome personality on screen, or online for that matter. I just dig the sister!

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iTunes: Ivy Levan’s single ‘Hang Forever’

Fire & The Romance – Way Down Below
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It’s been almost 2 years, since I’ve discovered Dion Roy with ‘Into The Day‘. Still getting goosebumps by playing my favourite track of that album, ‘Daughter‘.

Now he’s back in full effect in this new setting, his new band Fire & The Romance and I for one am digging this pop-rock sound they are bringing.

But the true power still lays in the songwriting skills. I’ve said it two years ago and I’ll say it again, Dion Roy doesn’t tell you how you should relate to the songs he writes, he leaves that up to you.

There’s always room for your own interpretation. And that’s exactly what makes their first single ‘Way Down Below‘ so powerful and definitely one to watch for in 2014!

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Twitter: @FireAndTheMusic
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iTunes: Fire & The Romance’s single ‘Way Down Below’

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