Hannah Dorman – Words EP
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Hannah Dorman
I’ve had the pleasure of getting a sneaky-peek of British Country-Rock singer/songwriter Hannah Dorman’s soon to drop four track EP, ‘Words‘. I went in totally blank, ’cause I hadn’t heard of her before. And now, after listening to her EP, I wish I had!

Know what? While she puts herself in the Country-Rock category, I truly believe the strength lies in her acoustic performance! The last EP track is ‘Maybe‘, which is my personal favorite! Just a guitar, very well written lyrics and Hannah’s powerful voice.

Don’t get me wrong now, the EP rocks! With ‘Words‘ being a true Country-Rock song, a poppy ‘In My Place‘ and the energetic ‘Bring It Back‘, you’ll hear Hannah isn’t sticking with just one song type. The ‘heard one, heard ‘m all’ kinda feeling, know what I mean? But if you listen closely, you can hear her acoustic roots throughout the EP.

Hannah DormanAll in all, ‘Words‘ is a great EP and I’m definitely looking forward to hear more of her! ‘The EP drops on February 1st, and if you’re looking to put some brand spanking new music on your iPod or smartphone, pre-order the EP on iTunes right now.

Or if you want to go old-school like me, physical copies AND limited editions will get available as well. What?! I still love getting albums & EPs on disc, especially when they’re signed! So there…

Check in with Hannah Dorman on:
Twitter: @HannahDorman
Facebook: /HannahDormanUK
Website: hannahdorman.com
iTunes: Hannah Dorman’s EP ‘Words’

Rosco Bandana – Time To Begin
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It’s hard not to get up and get down with ‘Time To Begin‘ of this 7 piece band Rosco Bandana! So, don’t even try to fight it! The only thing I’m missing is a cowbell. But hey, then again, I’m available…

Check in with Rosco Bandana on:
Twitter: @RoscoBandana
Facebook: /RoscoBandana
Website: roscobandana.com
iTunes: Rosco Bandana’s EP ‘Time To Begin’

Kayla Stockert & The Como Brothers – What They Say
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Kayla Stockert & The Como Brothers? A collaboration that only could produce a win-win situation! Whether they’re together or solo, 2013 will see more of them, a lot more! And that’s not what ‘they’ say, but that’s what I say!

Check in with Kayla Stockert:
Twitter: @KaylaStockert
Facebook: /KaylyaSt0ckert
Website: kaylastockert.com
iTunes: Kayla Stockert’s single ‘What They Say’

Check in with The Como Brothers:
Twitter: @ComoBrosBand
Facebook: /ComoBrothersBand
Website: comobrothersband.com
iTunes: Como Brothers’s EP ‘The Speed Of Sound’

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