Ariff AB – Bye Bye Baby
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Sometimes, a singer/songwriter with a small online presence on social media can be huge in my eyes. And judging by his single ‘Bye Bye Baby‘ and awesome music video, think we’ll be hearing more from Ariff AB in 2013!

Check in with Ariff AB on:
Facebook: /AriffAB
Bandcamp: Ariff AB’s single ‘Bye Bye Baby’

Rosabella Gregory – Hello Christmas
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Christmas Eve and I can’t think of any other way to get you in the right spirit than Rosabella Gregory’s ‘Hello Christmas‘. Just close your eyes, listen and have yourself a Merry Christmas…

Check in with Rosabella Gregory on:
Twitter: @RosabellaG
Facebook: /RosabellaGregory
iTunes: Rosabella Gregory’s single ‘Hello Christmas’

Kiirstin Marilyn – For Peace
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Now here’s a sister blessed with an unique voice, a different sound and I like it! While her next single is about to drop, I wanted to share Kiirstin Marilyn’s (and no, that’s no typo!) current one, ‘For Peace‘. You decide if I’m right or not…

Check in with Kiirstin Marilyn on:
Twitter: @KiirstinMarilyn
Facebook: /KiirstinMarilyn
iTunes: Kiirstin Marilyn’s EP ‘Something To Die For’

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