Personal Top 10 of 2017

Written by on December 31, 2017

From the best year ever for the blog (statistic wise), to a failed Youtube show, to an all-time personal low with my little girl getting diagnosed with cancer. With 2017 about to end, I can’t help myself but sit here behind my Macbook, shed a tear or two and take a little trip down memory lane and give you my personal Top 10 of this year:

The Blog

It’s simply booming, it grew substantially for the 6th year in a row! Short, schweet, simple, you seem to dig my corky way of promoting independent music and my desire to let the music do the talking for me. So the blog will continue as is in 2018, dropping new features through-out each & every day!


Well, that’s a different story. Altho I still believe it’s all about visualisation these days, somehow visually promoting independent music hasn’t work for Kick-Ass Indie Jams yet. And while I had promising feedback and got to do some dope exclusives, fact remains, the views stayed behind.

My Little Girl

The all-time personal low was the day I almost lost my little girl and she got diagnosed with cancer. My once perfect world crumbled away in one single day!

And altho we still have a very long and uncertain road ahead of us, my little girl is also the reason why Kick-Ass Indie Jams is still alive and kicking! She’s just as nuts about music as I am and told me to keep up my music promotion, for the both of us.

And believe me, she’s making sure I’ll release at least one new feature each day. Yeah, somehow I’m working for a boss now, ha!

But I do like to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and prayers you gave my little girl and me. And since I simply can’t express how much it meant to us, I’ll just humbly say… THANK YOU! It means more than you’ll ever know!

Personal Top 10 of 2017

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, because that’s what you’re here for, right? So here you go, my personal Top 10, counting down from 10 to my favourite Kick-Ass Indie Jam of 2017:

#10: Stela Cole – You F O

While this super-lit kiddies piano makes her fun bubblegum pop jam so adorable and schweet, I blew one of my car speakers on that freaky phat 808 beat! Consider yourself warned!..

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#9: The Howlin’ – Harmful

I’m proud to be loud with their deliciously raw and sexy blend of Rag’N’Bone Man‘s grit with Alabama Shakes’ grooviness, from my own stomping ground!..

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#8: Caught A Ghost – Right & Wrong

It’s their heavenly fusion of blues and sultry Motown soul on a sweaty swamp bounce, that makes me anxious to their soon to drop album!..

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#7: Beverly Girl – Straight From The Heart

You already know I’m down with the funk, and while I might show my age here with these glorious 80s flavours, that’s exactly what makes them delicious funkalicious! Album on neon-lit blue or pink vinyl in 2018?..

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#6: Climbing Trees – Fall

One of the best pieces of vinyl I received in my PO Box this year, ’cause their tremendous 4 minute melodic rock build-up, accompanied by an euphoric orchestration, hooked me in every step of the way, right up to a spine-chilling climax!..

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#5: Wildwood – Secrets

She was one of best kept secrets this year with her Americana-Pop jam and I truly believe this kitten will really come out of her bag in 2018!..

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#4: Young Gun Silver Fox – Midnight In Richmond

Lets hope this single was a sign their second album is coming in 2018, ’cause Shawn Lee and Andy Platts‘ refined homage to the golden age of soulful and slick soft California pop-rock is just jaw-dropping gorgeous!..

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#3: The Next Movement – Voodoo

They definitely put their raw pounding voodoo on me, ’cause I simply can’t wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered mother funking double vinyl early next year!..

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#2: JEAN – Running On Empty (Acoustic)

I just love discovering new independent talents and promoting them from day one. And while she already impressed me with her catchy pop debut, it’s the acoustic version that really won me over!..

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#1: The Womack Sisters – Darling

I got so excited when I discovered these sisters, I even ripped my pants in the process. And by ripped, I mean butt-cheek showing ripped! So it’s no surprise their timeless, booty shaking soul debut is my personal favourite Kick-Ass Indie Jam of 2017!..

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Happy 2018 Everybody!

It’s been quite the ride this year, that’s for sure! So I like to thank you for sticking around and for all your love and support. But above all, I like to wish you nothing but the best for the new year, from my family to yours! And I’ll see you tomorrow for the first hot rocking Kick-Ass Indie Jams of 2018!

With love,

The Dutch Guy

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