Personal Top 10 of 2018

Written by on December 31, 2018

It’s about 9 in the morning, when I start writing my annual trip down memory lane on this last day of 2018. My little girl just finished grooving to another music submission I just played for her, which means I have to do a little feature on it real soon!

My Little Girl

Yes, my little girl is still moving & grooving to music. Matter of fact, compared with last year’s Top 10, she’s doing great! Now, she’s not out of the woods yet, but her latest scans and X-rays are clean and she’s now on what the doctors call maintenance meds. She’s even going back to school again! What a huge difference one year can make, right?

The Blog

And I have to be honest, if it weren’t for my little girl, I don’t know if Kick-Ass Indie Jams would’ve survived this year. There have been times I wasn’t feeling it at all, ready to throw in the towel, especially when she became really sick again after her latest chemo treatment. But it really was her passion, her drive that kept me going! That, and the fact she loves bossing me around, ha! So it’s really because of her, the blog never missed a beat!


The one thing that didn’t survive, is my Youtube channel. Since I was already struggling to keep the blog going at times, I just ditched the whole thing. And while it’s still there and people still ask me if I’m gonna reboot the channel from time to time, I simply don’t know. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, is taking things one day at the time. And let’s be honest, while the music might have been good, I still have work with this glorious face that’s only suitable for radio, ha!


Speaking of which, I did make one little teaser video earlier this year, hinting on a possible return to radio after almost 8 years. Now THAT, I’m still working on! I can’t give you exact dates yet, but the first show imaging is done!

Personal Top 10 of 2018

Right, enough talk! It’s time to get down and boogieloo! Reminiscing is one thing, but you’re here for the music, so here’s my personal Top 10, counting it down from 10 to my and my little girl’s favourite Kick-Ass Indie Jam of 2018:

#10 Configa & Sulpacio Jones – U Make My Day

Soulful vocals, warm groovy bass and mellow keys, reminiscent of those luscious days of 90s R&B, just the way it’s suppose to be!..

Configa: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Sulpacio Jones: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

#9 The Next Movement – Free Your Mind

These mother funking Swiss groove cats’ keep pounding their bombastic blend of dance-pop, contemporary R&B and Funk voodoo on us!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes | Merch

#8 Whitney Tai – Flowers By The Roadside

It’s her beautiful blend of dreamy-folk with subtle classical strings that’s organic, vulnerable and above all, perfect for an intimate setting!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

#7 Smoove & Turrell Ft. Izo FitzRoy – Youre Gone

It’s those dynamic Chic-like disco vibes and Izo FitzRoy‘s soulful guest pipes, that made the first boogie extravaganza of their new album Mount Pleasant one my 5 Star Jams this year!..

Smoove & Turrell: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Izo FitzRoy: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

#6 Lenny Fontana & James ‘D-Train’ Williams – Raise Your Hands (John Morales M+M Remix)

Warm, energetic with a soulful bounce, this is what happens when one of my 90s favourite producers Lenny Fontana, 80s favourite R&B Funkateer James ‘D-Train’ Williams and the legendary remix king John Morales join forces! It’s such a danceable match made in heaven, it’s funking insane!..

Lenny Fontana: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
James ‘D-Train’ Williams: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website
John Morales: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

#5 Young Thieves – What You Want

It’s those glorious 80s vibes and infectious melodic hooks that made their shimmering synth-pop debut sound fresh, yet familiar at the same time!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes

#4 The Allergies – Cant Keep Working This Hard

These brothers dropped brutal funkalicious heat this year, with sister funk on one side and infectious breaks, beats and spits on the flipside!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | iTunes | 7″ Wax

#3 Alex Hepburn – I Believe

Compared to her earlier Pink-like work, this sister finally found her heart, soul and voice with this undeniable blend of emotive classic soul with the fresh and now!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes

#2 Nona – Its Alright

Once in a while I like to dig around in my own backyard, to see if I can find myself some hidden treasures and man, I came across this raw little soul nugget this year! Not only is she coined to be the Dutch reincarnation of Amy Winehouse, she’s also on the verge to blow up, just like Amy did back in the day! So that’s why she’s my favourite discovery of 2018!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes

#1 Jessica Lynn – Lets Dont

Now because my little girl made sure the blog never missed a beat this year, I’ve decided to let her pick the number one spot. And since she’s a huge fan, if not her biggest fan, I’m not surprised she picked that honest Southern feel-good twang of sassy country pop princess Jessica Lynn as her personal favourite Kick-Ass Indie Jam of 2018!..

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes


And there you go, our personal favourite Kick-Ass Indie Jams of 2018! So I like to thank you for sticking around and for all your love and support, especially the ones who kept my little girl in their prayers and the artists who sent her signed CDs and vinyl of their music. Words really can’t express my gratitude, but know it meant more to us than you’ll ever know! But above all, I like to wish you nothing but the best for the new year, from my family to yours!..

With love,

Lex – The Dutch Guy

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