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Written by on December 31, 2016

While another year is about to end, I can’t help myself but take a little trip down memory lane, ’cause 2016 has simply been amazing! Not only was it the best personal year for my blog in visitor statistics, but it’s also been the best year for the independent music scene in my personal and humble opinion!

It’s been the year I did a remix on Vita Chambers’ single A+D, wrote my most personal feature on High Dive Heart’s Misfit, and beat mainstream media on my own stomping grounds with Rag’n’Bone Man’s Human. Hell, one of the biggest national radio stations even translated my feature almost to the letter and used it for their own promotion. WINNING!

In closing, I like to thank and express my gratitude to Ross of Electric Kiwi, for his amazing web and logo support, Adam Bernard, for the awesome biography he wrote, my family and friends, for helping me (re)build my studio and understand my music addiction, and last but not least, you!

Without your humbling support and love as a music fan and/or artist, your likes, (re)tweets, emails and PO Box packages, I wouldn’t be promoting Kick-Ass Indie Jams for as long as I have, 5 years strong! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU, for keeping my love of music alive and kickin’!

2017 is knocking at the door, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward and excited to see what 2017 is gonna bring you and me! Have a groovy New Years extravaganza, and enjoy my personal Top 10 Kick-Ass Indie Jams of 2016!..

Rilan & The Bombardiers

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The independent music scene of my own stomping grounds was alive and kicking this year, and I was blessed to catch Rilan & The Bombardiers live in my home town. The brother knew how to set my ears and ass on fire with his groovy music palette, even in a two men setting!


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Stella shows she stays true to herself, and a contrast to her father’s music, the legendary Carlos Santana, with her magnificent blend of dreamy R&B, modern soul & alt pop, angelic infectious vocals and vulnerable, poetic lyrics. Nothing but love and respect for this sister!


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I really consider Nuuxs as one of the most underrated artists of 2016. There is a reason why I featured her 3 times this year, ’cause with every new release, her natural seductive fusion of R&B, soul and alt pop showed she’s the flourishing songstress to keep an eyeball on for 2017!

Steffen Morrison

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Like I said before, the Dutch independent music scene was booming this year and with Steffen Morrison’s colourful rich vocals and power grooves, we can be extremely loud, proud and shout, Holland finally has it’s own number one soul brother!

Izo FitzRoy

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With her debut album dropping in February on Jalapeno Records, it won’t be long before Izo FitzRoy’s captivating blend of soul, gospel & blues and husky raw vocals, becomes a mainstream soul sensation! Now hit play, and immerse yourself in Flevans’ 70s groove flavoured extravaganza!


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Another gem from my own stomping grounds is Demira’s alternative poetic folk(tronica), that’s avant-garde yet catchy clever. I was able to catch her live this year, and her acoustic version was with such bold Dutch confidence, a spot in my Top 10 is definitely justified!

Iris Gold

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Think I’ve featured every single release of her this year, with her Marsha Hunt Mixtape being the hard nipples rubbing climax! As smooth as Erykah Badu, with an attitude like Kravitz, this is one rebellious chick to be reckoned with, ’cause this is (Iris) Funkalicous Gold yo!

Mako & The Hawk featuring Chima Anya

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Last but not least, funkalicious boom-bap that should end the ever going war between the old- and the nu-school. I stay loyal to the true-school, and Mako & The Hawk featuring Chima Anya is a prime example of how HipHop suppose to be! And if you disagree, hey, I guess The Devil Made Me Do It!

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