Manic Music Monday #012
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Mondays, it’s that sh*tty first day of the week and boy, can it be challenging! So let me spark some fire between your ears with the kick-ass indie jams I believe, will kickstart your week. This is Manic Music Monday!

Silent CrowdLustrous and endearing pop-rock, with an infectious 80s touch that’s schweet as Candy!..

Check in with Silent Crowd on:
Twitter: @SilentCrowdBand
Instagram: @SilentCrowdBand
Facebook: /SilentCrowdBand

DayitaBy drawing influences of Bjork and MØ, this debut is different yet extremely exciting at the same time!..

Check in with Dayita on:
Twitter: @Dayitaaaaaaaaaa
Instagram: @DayitaMusic
Facebook: /DayitaSaggerHayward

And don’t forget, these kick-ass indie jams and many more, can be found in one delicious monthly playlist on Soundcloud (updated almost daily)!

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