Breakbot & Ruckazoid – Another You
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This is what happens when Breakbot and Ruckazoid merge, creating Breakazoid, a cosmic pimp, who distributes his discolicious love to humans by boogie them across the galaxy to the planet Funk!..

Breakbot: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | iTunes
Ruckazoid: Twitter | Instagram

Dan Sharp – Lifeline
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It’s those passionate touches of blues, roots with soul and southern rock that makes this brother deliciously gritty, heartfelt and honest!..

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Steffen Morrison – Movin’ On
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If you’re talking about Dutch soul, you’re talking about this brother! ‘Cause while his album is heavily spiked with classic Motown and STAX flavours, it’s his own soulful sauce that’s making Holland’s soul brother number one, second to none!..

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