Thru The Cracks (week 25 – 2017)
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Sometimes, I’m not able to feature a hot new jam on my daily Youtube show, usually because I couldn’t get permission to use the chorus πŸ˜”

But have no fear, I is here! I’ll be giving you a weekly run down of the Kick-Ass Indie Jams I couldn’t get on the show, but are too good to pass up on!
These are the jams, who fell Thru The Cracks!..

Alex Who? – Dirty Little Secret

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DI-RECT – Rockstar

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Fontzerelli – Lord Finesse

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Patricia Stone – Runner

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And don’t forget, if you’ve got Spotify, to check and follow The Kick-Ass Indie Jams Mixtape, packed with the jams as featured this week on the Youtube show, podcast and blog. (updated weekly)

πŸ”₯ Too Damn Hot πŸ”₯
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5 Star Jam: NINA
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Every Tuesday, I’ll pick my personal favourite jam of the week and promote it through Youtube, blog and social feeds all week long, as my 5 Star Jam!

It’s her new slice of atmospheric 80s synths and silky seductive vocals, that’s both haunting and longing, that wanna make you ride the glorious synth-waves of NINA as my new 5 Star Jam this week!

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