Aabaraki – Karina – Army Of Bones
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Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I promote the hottest Kick-Ass Indie Jams on Youtube. With today: the new single of Aabaraki, the free to download teaser of Karina and Army Of Bones’ first single of their soon to drop album.

If you’ve been digging (one of the) independent artists on the show, you’ll find all information, links and the full version of their featured jam below!

Aabaraki – Flight

With an alt-soul sound described as “Gnarls Barkley meets The Black Keys,” the four-piece band follows suit with electrifying guitar and production; deep, throbbing bass lines and a “constant pocket” on the drums that keep heads nodding. The result is a slow burn that spontaneously erupts into a full-on frenzy.

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Karina – Lust

An edgy mix of pop & electronic music and free to download teaser for her upcoming EP in 2017, Karina, raised in a small Norwegian town that is awash with Viking history and Norse myth, wrote the dance floor-ready Lust from the perspective of her male friends.

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Army Of Bones – Don’t Be Long

The authentic and emotionally engaging sound of Army of Bones attests to this exciting new band’s understanding of how music speaks directly to the heart. Reminiscent of The Foals and early Radiohead, the band’s line up combines both experience, energy and class.

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Fab 5 Friday (Week 03 – 2017)
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Whether it’s an old(er) release or new, these are my personal Top Fab(ulous) 5 Indie Jams I’ve had on repeat and been jamming to all week. This is Fab 5 Friday!

With her latest blistering single, straight off her today released EP, you’re still wondering why I got nothing but mad electro-pop love for this sister?..

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Chloe’s synth driven production, and Chiara’s seductive vocals, turn this into one bombastic future soul jam!..

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These sisters continue their streak of 2016, with releasing their first glorious indie pop gem for 2017!..

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Contagious groovy bass slaps, sultry vocals and just enough 80s R&B flair, to definitely get your funk on!..

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While this bombshell can spit mean bars, this is how I like her best! Crushing on me, by using those luscious vocals to grab me by my ears and heart!..

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5 Star Jam: Louie Bello
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Every Tuesday, I’ll pick my personal favourite jam of the week and promote it through Youtube, blog and social feeds all week long, as my 5 Star Jam!

Louie Bello is a Boston Music Award winner, who can be seen and heard in venues in and around Boston, New York, Miami, LA, DC and Las Vegas. He has written and performed with dozens of national recording artists, placed songs on major network shows and has taken the stage at local and national music festivals such as Boston Fest, Red Gorilla Festival and SXSW.

Last year, he won The Improper Bostonian Best of Boston Award as well as the 2016 Nightlife Award for best performer. And this week, Louie Bello got my 5 Star Jam, with his new single Tennessee, of his Invisible EP!

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